Total Body Council

I have read the job description and understand my responsibilities as a member of the Council for the Southeastern Chamber of Commerce (SCC).   If selected to serve, I will:

  1. Make a personal contribution that reflects SCC as a charitable priority for me.
  2. Provide names, addresses, and appropriate information of people who might be interested in learning more about and potentially supporting SCC’s mission and services (and contact them myself as appropriate).
  3. Participate in council projects to the best of my ability, including any fundraising projects.
  4. Educate myself about how to present SCC as an opportunity for businesses to achieve their goals by becoming an investor in SCC, and if appropriate solicit them for membership.
  5. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all information about fellow volunteers and clients.
First Name
Last Name
Home Address
Home Phone Number
Cell Number
Company Name
Work Title
Company Web Address
Major Duties/Skills
If Other :
Organizations to which I belong: (Leadership positions/Committees)
Describe any previous experience:
What would you hope to gain by being a member of the SCC Council?

Other family members/friends/co-workers who might be interested in serving on the council?