What is M.A.A.T.?

Millennials at the Top (MATT) is a professional improvement committee of the Southeastern Chamber of Commerce intended to afford young professionals the opportunity to get an insiders view of the Southeastern Region. Committee members have the option to make valuable acquaintances with peers from various cities and industries and have access to some of the most powerful networking outlets in America.


Learn more about M.A.T.T. by downloading the PowerPoint presentation HERE.

As a member of M.A.T.T. you will have opportunities to:

  • Claim affiliation with one of the productive and fastest growing organizations in the region.
  • Interact with hundreds of young entrepreneurs and professionals from across the region.
  • Advance and expand your career skills without going through regulatory reform
  • Have the options to obtain committee and professional board training and exposure
  • Be privileged to entrepreneurial based programs and developments to help kick-off future procurement contracting and bidding opportunities
  • Gain a wealth of economical knowledge, networking skills and exposure
  • Learn more about travel, tourism, discounted lodging and cultural attractions

For a more detailed overview on the Millennials@TheTop Committee - Contact: at Joshua Eaves 843.556.2863 or