Programs & Services

The Millennials at the Top Committee of the Southeastern Chamber of Commerce, offers entrepreneurial programs and services, which are designed to fit the needs of your start-up projects and ideas. MATT partners with Small Business Councils and Development Centers across the Region to ensure that you are being offered the most innovative tools and services availability in today's society. Information on business planning assistance, start-up firms and consultants are available to assist you. Attend one of our seminars or workshops today, and ensure that you and/or your business are excelling in the right direction.

Mentoring 101- (What's in it for me?)

The Innovative Introduction to Intercultural Concepts 100 (taught by the Chamber C.E.O.)

Sales - Basic Training 101 (Show me the $$)

Advertising - Basic Training 101 - (Gorilla Advertising)

Marketing - Basics Training 101 - (Gorilla Marketing)

Technology Basics - (How to determine business computer needs)

Financial Management - (Avoiding jail time)

Grant Acquisition - (Who knew??)

Employee Relations - (The good, bad and the ugly)