Programs & Development


  The Programs & Development Department of the Southeastern Chamber provides opportunities for investors of SCC, to become better educated, trained, informed and equipped to compete in the business market. The structure of the department endows investors to position their businesses to fully seize their place in the economic mainstream. 

At the conclusion of each program, investors can appreciate the gained awareness and experiences of a common forum and the exchange of information provided. Each session, seminar, workshop, conference or project is designed to enhance business sustainability, promote commerce and stimulate economic prosperity. 


  • Access to Chamber mailing lists
  • Listed in SCC Member's Directory
  • Opportunities to brand your company via marketing using cost effective options to reveal its services and future potential by hosting or sponsoring
  • Economic development assistance and referrals Targeted training intended to enhance business operations, develop managers/workforce, improve customer service; establish financial stability
  • Gain access to demographic information and statistics on the Southeastern Region
  • Receive complimentary member discounts and perks to some of the regions key expos and social venues
  • Free Access to the SCC Business Mentoring and Training Program (Business development courses are designed based on member needs) Opportunities to raise your visibility and expand throughout the market through cost effective options and advantages.
  • Opportunities to get involved in raising the region's standards, along with nurturing trade and industry collaborations
  • The option to use the Chambers "Innovative Connection Journal", the monthly e-letter, as a sponsorship tool to expose your business to the region
  • Assistance with the vendor certification process
  • Exclusive advertising and networking opportunities
  • Receive coaching and gain direction from experienced consultants to manage your health care insurance and other key services needed
  • Activities for Social Networking and Business Promotion 

SCC Structured Programs and Events

  • Issues & Eggs (Breakfast Seminar)
  • B.O.S.S. (Business Owners Strategic Seminars)
  • Business Offline (Friday Evening Networking)
  • Whine and Dine (Releasing Office Pressure & Networking)
  • Partners In Trade (Mentorship & Promo's)
  • Annual Convention (Awards Dinner/Gala)
  • Brainstorming at Sea (Chamber's Savannah Harbor Cocktail Cruise)
  • Business Education Series

Quarterly Workshops

Winning Ingredients 

Partners In Trade 

Give N' Take 

B.O.S.S.' Day Out 
• Management /Leadership Training

Training Day 
&bull Customer service, HR policy writing, etc 

Small Business Development Workshop 
• Taking the business to the next level

• Bonding, Liability, and Worker's Comp

How to Effectively Network 

Wealth Initiative/Financial Empowerment 

Business SWOT Analysis 

Programs for Women Owned 

Establishing Community Relationships 

Diversity Vendor Programs 

Small Business & Minority Contracting 


Partners In Trade 

Overview of Program guidelines 

Give N' Take 

What to expect from mentorship 
• What's in it for the mentor? 
• What's in it for the protégé? 

Focused session per industry 
• i.e. Construction - General Contractor's Exam 
• Other industries - licensing requirements 

Am I My Brother's Keeper? 
• Lesson Learned and Best Practices

Executive Programs 

Management/Leadership Training 

• Supervising
• HR Policy & Procedures
• Hiring & Recruitment (legal guidelines)

Financial Planning

• Accounting for non-Accountants

Elegance without Exception

• Management/Organization Accountability
• Community Involvement
• Scheduling & Planning
• How does free sound (cheap labor) working with federal funding
• Professional Organizations & Memberships
• Certified in the field
• Winning Ingredients
• Time Management 

The Innovative Board Room

• Identifying Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles
• Brainstorming (Identifying pitfalls to contract awards
• Leveling the playing field
• Partnership

Training Day

• Writing Policy and Procedures
• How to write a Business Plan
• Business Ethics & Code of Conduct
• Professional Presence
• Presentation Skills
• Employee Retention
• Delegating
• Communication Skills
• Team Building Skills
• Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution
• Identifying Barriers and Overcoming Obstacles
• Goal Planning
• Root Cause Analysis
• Grant Writing

For more information on our Programs & Developments, please contact Sharon Czeresko at 843.556.2863 or