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Executive Office

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Henry L. Ravenel, Jr.

Chairman & C.E.O

In 2005, after studying Psychology and Government & Foreign Affairs at Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden-Sydney, VA, Henry headed back to the Carolinas to pursue his dreams. Installed as Chief Executive Officer of a Charleston Networking Association in 2005 by former U.S. Majority Whip James Clyburn, Henry began his journey as a leader. After six years of operating the alliance as a membership-based networking association, Henry amended the name of the organization to the Southeastern Chamber of Commerce, carrying all rights pertaining thereto.

Today, Henry L. Ravenel, Jr. leads this organization through a lens of new millennium success, structure and positive regional impact. He oversees the chamber’s Future Agendas and Public Policy initiatives at the international level, along with the countless day-to-day operations of the organization at large.

In a short period, Henry established a Southeast Regional growth plan, which has been effective for dozens of large and small companies. Henry has assisted the Southeastern Chamber of Commerce, its Board of Governors and its hard-working investors, in embracing new business challenges associated with aggressive communication initiatives and campaigns, all designed to bring great benefits for the region.

The chamber's success across the region has been based on its vitality and ability to stay on the cutting edge of ever-changing business and economic trends. As a young chamber, SCC witnessed the need for a "millennial powerhouse", moving forward to define and establish this concept through seven core cluster target areas that affect business development. The "powerhouse" has provided support to business owners and individual entrepreneurs who have encountered tough advocacy issues that are currently in front of local, state and national government.

Prior to building the foundation of the Southeastern Chamber, Henry was a manager with Veolia, an international transit company. He also became a valued leader at Kiawah Development Partners, Inc., which operated many subsidiaries such as the Doonbeg Golf Club in Ireland and the Christophe Harbor on the island of St. Kitts,West Indies. Henry currently owns Henry's Transmission & Roadside Assistance, Inc. based out of Ravenel, SC. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Market Street Gentlemen Society, a private wealth society based out of Charleston, SC.

Henry held numerous military leadership positions throughout his educational career in Camden, SC. He served as a member of the Camden Military Academy Board of Alumni, class president and battalion adjutant.

As part of his duties while leading the efforts of the Southeastern Chamber, Henry also serves as Executive Board Chairman to its new Board of Governors. He is actively involved in many faith- based projects and holds various positions with Sounds of Praise International Ministries, a growing Christian ministry led by world-renowned Bishop Dr. Allen H. Simmons. Henry is happily married to M. Dunice Ravenel, a Human Resources Supervisor with the U.S.Department of State.

Phone: 843.556.2863