Division Advisory Boards

The advisory board for each SCC Division works to understand the education, information and networking needs of the members within the Division, and translates those needs into a program of work designed to deliver results within the SCC’s framework of benefits and services. The Membership Department of the SCC offers input and advice pertaining to content and development programs and services geared toward chamber membership development and sales professionals.


Current Southeastern Chamber Advisory Boards:

  • Charleston County Division 1 Advisory Board- Servicing the WestEdge Community & Foundation
  • Dorchester County Division 1 Advisory Board- Servicing the Nexton Community
  • Dorchester County Division 2 Advisory Board- Servicing the Summers Corner Community
  • Downtown Charleston Peninsula Chamber Advisory Board
  • Goose Greek Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board
  • St. Paul Community Chamber Advisory Board
  • West Ashley Chamber Advisory Board