Pop-up roundtable with CEO offered insight and access to money and resources

Published Sunday, January 17, 2021
by Brenda Braye

Pop-up roundtable with CEO offered insight and access to money and resources

On the evening of January 5th, Chamber members who took advantage of the pop-up roundtable were buzzing with new knowledge of additional funding for their businesses and start-ups.  Southeastern Chamber CEO, Henry Ravenel made it a personal mission to help navigate the, sometimes too well-hidden, access to lenders and financial institutions that might make the difference between success and failure during a global pandemic and beyond.

Ravenel understands the importance of forging meaningful relationships with financial institutions and leadership circles like FDICs, NCUAs and capital lending firms.  His contacts on the local, state and federal levels, coupled with exhaustive research on the subject of grants, loan and funding opportunities, and the new stimulus package have already been helpful in circumventing red tape and bureaucracy for some.

“This is what your Chamber should be doing for you,” said Ravenel.  “We are here to help you be successful and identifying new avenues of funding is at the top of that list for many of you,” he added. 

Armed with much more than anecdotal evidence, Ravenel came out blazing with loan and grant details, best practices and contact information. If you missed the roundtable, entitled Let’s Talk Money and Resources with the CEO, and would still like assistance in unraveling a specific aspect of funding or loan access, please don’t hesitate to reach out to programs.southeasternchamber@gmail.com for guidance.  Your progress and success is our achievement!