Published Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Southeastern Chamber is known for being an out-of-the-box Chamber of Commerce. Post the Coronavirus outbreak, the Chamber has been recognized by its peers as one of the first business associations in the Carolinas to facilitate virtual forums and resource seminars. The SCC is determined to prepare its members for the twists and turns of complete economic recovery.

NENO Summit (NextGen Entrepreneurship, NonStop Opportunities) just completed its second round in 3 months. “The NENO Summit is just one way that the Chamber is leading in supporting its members through these tough economic times,” says the brainchild of SCC, Henry Ravenel, Jr.
“We need people talking to our members who have been through something and come out on the other side,” said Ravenel.

“Business leaders who can tell them the rules for survival and are willing to share information that they won’t hear anywhere else are imperative now,” he continued.

Neno Summit Part II (November 18-19, 2020) illustrated examples of survival, grit, creativity and determination. Chamber members interacted with speakers, presenters and industry experts, while leveraging multiple opportunities at the unique event.

The decor was specially designed by Keisha Deas-Lee, chamber member and owner of K'CIRA Events & Bar Babes, and perfectly complimented the think-tank, organic environment offered by the Citadel Mall space. Special thanks to Ms. Deas-Lee for serving as the designer-on-call for NENO Summit Parts I and II. 

Dr. Barron Nason, CEO of Nason Medical, started off the summit with his own heartfelt, dynamic story of perseverance. Nason is a Charleston-based entrepreneur, who, just a few years ago, was on top of the world with multiple locations of his self-named medical centers, when the business lost its way, propelling him into his own odyssey of loss and redemption. His message of how to bounce back from the brink was well-received by those in attendance.

Tammy McCutcheon, Chamber member, Senior State Farm Agent and owner of A Tailor Made Event in Summerville said, “This was simply one of the best summits I have ever attended.  I am happy to be part of a chamber that is really making a difference for small businesses.”   

Owner of First Draft Kicks, LLC, Brian Cornick noted, "I'm just glad to be here and gaining all this knowledge and information. I love my chamber!"

The 2-day power-packed summit ended with a Small Business Power Breakfast centered around procurement opportunities and small business resources. Speaker Chelsea Ex-Lubeskie from MUSC covered Charleston Bio Med Tech opportunities, Speaker Tiara Moten talked about how T-Mobile’s wealth of offerings can help small businesses and SC State Rep Marvin Pendarvis finished out the morning by discussing inclusion and sharing information on how Opportunity Zones are slated to bring relief and impact to the state.

The Chamber is set to host an in-person NENO Summit Part III in March, with the option to attend virtually. The organization wants the word to get out to as many people as possible that economic recovery is not only possible, but inevitable and that now is not the time to fall asleep on the job.