Vanessa Cramer

Director of Communications


Vanessa joins the SCC having lived in Charleston since 1983 and recognizes the beauty, cultural richness, and diversity that living in Charleston offers. She is from Gainesville, GA and attended Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC. She has been a graphic designer for 30 years with emphasis on the advertising, printing, and marketing industry. In that capacity, she has done design, advertising, and marketing for local, national and international clients. She has always been interested in how creativity manifests business growth and development and is an ideas person from concept to creation.

Vanessa also has an entrepreneurial spirit having been proprietor of several businesses as well as working in the corporate business sector. Personally, she has a son attending Clemson University on academic scholarship, she has been active in The Poetry Society of SC for 23 years, and has maintained a presence in the education, art, literary, and church community doing volunteer work throughout the years.

As the SCC Director of Communications link, Vanessa is excited to connect businesses across state lines and bring awareness to the valuable resources that being a SCC member holds.