Ian Carnes

Executive Support Officer to the Chairman & CEO

Before joining the Southeastern Chamber, Ian served in the Marine Corps where he quickly developed a global mindset, and an in depth understanding of global supply chain management and logistics. After four and half years of honorable service, he went on to pursue higher levels of education at the College of Charleston. During his tenure, he worked at SPAWAR (The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command) as a Logistics Management Specialist. In that capacity, he served as project manager for the development of an enterprise logistics software database, engineered to integrate the entire company's global supply and maintenance functions into one platform. From this, he gained valuable insight into large scale project management, milestone-based quality control, and process improvement.

Ian has a highly analytical mindset, coupled with the strong sense of discipline earned from the Marine Corps, enables him to be very goal and detail-oriented. Skilled and experienced in identifying efficient and effective solutions to intricate problems, he is an asset to any operation. Other skills of relevance are: Past experience in database software development, highly adaptive, comfort in leadership, effective under pressure, responsive to changing situations, and the ability to finish tasks on time. Ian joined the Southeastern Chamber ranks in 2014 as a Business Liaison Chair, and now serves as the Executive Support Officer to the Chairman & CEO. He is the Executive liaison for day-to-day operations on a regional scale and also serves in a dual capacity concentration on research and economic development for the Chamber’s Executive Office and prospective member intake.