Hospitality (Food, Bev., Tourism)

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The Southeastern Region Travel and Tourism industry packs a punch, with an economic impact of over $10 billion, employing more than 100,000 people. With Southeastern Hospitality anchors in Greenville, SC, Savannah GA and Clemons NC, the Chamber strategically aligns our members with a wealth of workshops, products and services designed to impact this unique industry. 

Proposed opportunities for collaboration between the industries is a part of the Chamber’s strategic development plan. The Chamber is charged with overseeing the development of a demand-driven hospitality workforce system in each of the Southeastern States and jurisdictions we represent. This means a workforce system that provides quality employees for employers and develops real career opportunities for job seekers. A continued purpose is to provide a framework for the hospitality industry and organizations representing the industry to identify opportunities for collaboration in addressing the gaps that exist between the workforce development system and employers. The overriding perception is that occupations in the hospitality, tourism, and retail industry are dead end, entry-level jobs.

 However, in reality several of the subsectors have well developed, clearly articulated career paths. These career paths need to be identified, examined, and disseminated to career advisors and workforce development professionals. Guests and customer marketing awareness on attracting baby boomers and millennials to the Southeast tourist districts is a main focus of the Chamber’s regional strategic plan as well. The goal is to expand entertainment and dining options and to cross-market facilities so people know they’re in the Region and viably open for business.