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Bio-Medical Entrepreneurship| Medical Administration Networking

In the Southeastern Region biomedical and health entrepreneurship are major economic drivers. While they vary in significant ways, both are part of a continuum delivering value to patients, the entrepreneurs and their investors, local and regional economies, and U.S. global competitiveness. These innovators, including a growing cadre of physicians/health entrepreneurs focus on a goal of creating value by deploying innovation. 

We see that most doctors don't understand the difference between an idea, an invention and an innovation. An idea is a thought that sticks in your head. An invention is an idea reduced to practice that may or may not have any economic or commercial value. An innovation is something that is new or done in a new way that gives customers more value when compared to the existing offerings. 

There's also a major difference between biomedical entrepreneurship and health entrepreneurship. Biomedical entrepreneurship refers to commercializing drugs, devices, biologics, vaccines, diagnostics or combined products. Health entrepreneurship is about creating value in digital health products or services, care-delivery innovation or new business processes, services or platforms.

Our Chamber is dedicated to educating and informing our healthcare services members on Intellectual property protection, regulatory approval, reimbursement and payment for bio-medical inventions and to understand the industry’s capital structure. Additionally we build seminars and services around proper education and inclusion with the Food & Drug administration, understanding your targeted customers and how they vary depending on whether you are offering a biomedical or health products (i.e. digital health apps verses digital health technologies such as telemedicine, remote sensing and medical information portals).

Come grow with the Chamber, and understand how we can assist you and/or the medical institution you represent.