Strategies- The New Black (Strategic Planning Session)

Date: September 15, 2018
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
68 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA
Strategies- "The New Black" is part of a 2018 series of events derived from The Advance Glance- discussing the dynamics and success of African Americans in Charleston SC, by year 2020.

The series was founded and hosted by the Southeastern Chamber of Commerce's Diversity & Inclusion Council.

On June 30th over two dozen black professionals ranging from various areas of the Tri-County metro of Charleston gathered to discuss trending topics and issues on how Black Charleston is being perceived, progressing and profiting in the 21st Century, along with hindrances and inclusion needed to advance the ethnicity collectively.

At the conclusion of the event, guest forum panelist decided that the next segment would be a meeting of the minds to discuss strategies, and map out solutions.

Information solidified during these sessions will then be presented to several municipality and political leaders representing black residents in Charleston. It is the hope of the Council and participants, that programs, events, awareness, products and services can be funded and created to help bridge various gaps and foster change regarding the way diversity is viewed throughout Charleston and its surrounding areas.

Join us as we strategize and foster continued inclusion and awareness to ensure by Census Year 2020, blacks in Charleston continue to advance and progress for the love of overall unity and humanity.